We start a few years ago as a company which gives logistics solutions for our customers, and in each operative we saw we can improve having all services to make foreign trade more easy.

We are in a strategic country in Latin America. From Uruguay we can manage all your shipments and goods from all over the world.


We search and find the best prices for the goods you need. We check each supplier with our agents to guarantee you we work with the best companies around the world. This service included the insurance of the goods and shipping cost to the port of destination you informed us. Easy, fast and economic!


Thanks to we are located in Uruguay, we have free zone storage for your goods. You don´t need a local company to use our warehouse and you also don´t have any limit time to storage. Our location give us the advantage to move quicker and easier your goods only with warehouse costs. You can partialize the good according to your needs.


As a freight forwarder we have the best rates to move your FCL of LCL shipment. We have agents in America, Asia, Africa and Europe so we can manage the cargo from origin to destination. You will be choosing the modality and we will leading you to find the best option.


For Uruguayan Shops o Customers who still don´t have a company, we can import the goods with our name and delivery at your local shop. We have all requirements to import as a local company, with this service you avoid taxes and we make that all happen. We coordinate the shipment, payments, banks and shipping fees, customs and inland charges.